Dr. Savrick February Travel
Dr. Patti is going to play with the penguins! She will be gone for several weeks in February; of course our other doctors and nurses will be available as always. Please feel free to schedule your well checkups a little early or late if you prefer. Our office can help you decide what will work for your child and your insurance plan, or you can see one of the other doctors of course. We expect her to send plenty of fun penguin pictures while she’s away!

Flu Vaccines
We now have our flu vaccines. Please make sure your family receives the flu vaccine this year, especially if any family members have asthma or other underlying illnesses. You can call our office to schedule your vaccine.

2 Month Vaccines
Some insurance companies have started denying payment for 2 month vaccines given BEFORE the 2 month exact date. Please know that we are working to resolve this since these shots may be given as early as 6 weeks. For the moment, however, please make sure your child’s 2 month visit is scheduled on or after the calendar date on which she turned 2 months. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Humana Update
You may have recently received a letter stating that Humana will no longer be in network as they dropped St. Luke’s IPA, and our practice is part of that IPA. However, Bootin & Savrick Pediatrics is proud to announce that we will continue taking Humana, as we have signed a direct contract with them for all of their plans. Please feel free to call our office should you have any questions.

NEW Memorial City Location
Bootin and Savrick Pediatrics now has its own space in Memorial City! Our new Memorial City location is 915 Gessner, Suite 495 (Medical Plaza 3), adjacent to our previous location. You’ll want to park in garage 3… and parking is still free!

Insurance Information
We accept one government exchange plan — Blue Advantage HMO/PPO of Texas. All of our doctors are currently contracted with this plan.