Flu Shots Now Available

Flu shots are here! We have doses for everyone down to 6 months at all three offices. We are happy to give the vaccine to parents as well for a $30 fee.

Remember, for kids younger than 9, if it’s the first time they are getting a flu vaccine, or if they only had 1 dose last year, they will need 2 doses one month apart.

We will get the nasal flu vaccine (ages 2 and up without asthma or who are not immunocompromised), but we do not have it yet.

As always, you may call the office and make an appointment for your child’s flu vaccine, or we can give it during a scheduled office visit as long as your child is not running fever. Flu vaccine may be given at the same time as any other vaccines, including any COVID vaccine.

t feels extra important to get your flu shot this year since we are all out and about and have not had as much flu as usual for the last couple of years, although we are seeing a seasonally strange amount right now.